Multi USB Charger


The EcoSavers® Multi USB Charger is a 4 port USB chargers with 2 ports supporting up to 1A and 2 ports supporting up to 2.1 of output.

This device can have a total output of 3.5A and can charge 4 mobile items at the same time.

The Multi USB Charger has a built-in indication light, showing you the items you are charging are fully charged (red during charging, green when fully charged). Besides this, this charger comes with an illuminated switch so you can switch off all connected charging devices at the same time.

Do you recognize that you keep your charger into the socket when you finished the charging of your mobile phone ? Many chargers still consume energy then and this is a waste of energy. With the EcoSavers Multi USB charger you can keep the charger connected to the mains socket and with a simple click on the switch you can switch off completely. The illuminated switch also shows you that the charger is powered, as when it is powered it will illuminate.

multi usb charger