Stove Fan

Stove Fan

The EcoSavers® Stove Fan is another clever device from EcoSavers®.

This fan is developed for woodstove heaters. Place the Stove Fan on top of the heater and when the stove becomes hot, the fan will automatically starts. The fan blows the warm air into the desired direction. The fan enables an hot air flow rather then the heath go up. Therefor the user will experience a more comfortable temperature and also will notice that the room will become warm faster.

You need less wood to burn at the stove fan to enjoy a warm and comfortable temperature.

No electricity, no batteries needed. The stove fan uses a Peltier module to power the fan. A Peltier module generates electricity by using a warm and cold side.
Plug and play. Will automatically turn on when the stove is heated and will stop working when stove is cooled down.

The Stove Fan also have a termal protection built-in the base of the product. When the base becomes too hot, a metal spring will lift up the base a little so there will be less contact between the stove and the base, which allows the base to cool off.