Shower Time Indicator LED

Saving Energy is easy with the EcoSavers® Shower Time Indicator LED.
This clever patented and EU design registered device gives you an indication of your showering time.
• 0 – 4 minutes green colour
• 4 – 8 minutes blue colour
• 8 – 12 minutes red colour
• > 12 minutes red colour flashing

Plug and play. Install without the use of tools in less then 2 minutes.
No batteries. Powered by water pressure. Automatically switches on when you open the faucet and automatically switches off when faucet is closed.

Teach children to save energy and reduce their showering time. For the age of 1 they already can recognize colour, but they have no idea about time.
Learn them to stop showering when the Shower Indicator turns blue or red colour and educates them to reduce their showering time to save planet earth and save money.

This products is developed by EcoSavers and is protected by international intellectual property rights.