Fridge Alert Light


Another clever invention of EcoSavers®, the Fridge Alert Light.

The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Florida says that being careless with opening and closing your fridge door wastes 50 to 120kWh a year. To put that into perspective, 50kWh of energy could run your dishwasher 20 times and 100kWh could run your washing machine 50 times — almost a free load of laundry every week for an entire year.

The EcoSavers® Fridge Alert Light is the solution: just replace your normal E14 lampbase (most of fridges have E14 lampbase) fridge light with this clever device, and this innovation warns you after 10 seconds by flickering and after 20 seconds by flickering and buzzer. EcoSavers® proofs that energy saving can be very simple.

EU patent no. 1041506. US/China/South Korea patents pending.