Door Bottom Sweep Brush

Another clever product in the EcoSavers® programm, the Door Bottom Sweep Brush.
Normally this kind of product comes in full lenght of 1 metre, but standard door only have width between 60 cm – 93 cm. The EcoSavers® Door Bottom Sweep Brush comes in 3 parts: 33 cm | 30 cm | 30 cm and has the following advantages compared to the standard 1 metre full lenght product:
• Less waste material on standard doors
• No sawing needed for standard door sizes of 60 | 63 | 93 cm
• Eco friendly transport to consumer: no big volume boxes or big expensive carton tubes
• Cost effective transport cost | Can be send as letterbox post instead of parcel

Made of high quality aluminium and high quality brushes.

EcoSavers® makes energy saving easy !

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