Kinetic Doorbell Mini

The EcoSavers® Kinetic Wireless Doorbell uses kinetic energy for powering the transmitter.
Normal wireless doorbells using batteries which needs to be replaced regularly. The EcoSavers Kinetic Wireless Doorbell converts the pushing force into energy which provides the radiosignal to the AC powered receiver.
You can select 38 different ringtones on the receiver. The receiver has a built-in LED which also gives a visual indication when somebody pushes the doorbell.

An normal electrical doorbell uses average around 26 kWh of power. This is because an adapter converts 220V energy into low voltage to power the doorbell. This adapter is 24/7 working for the standby of the doorbell.
The Kinetic Wireless Doorbell of EcoSavers uses only 2-3 kWh of power a year, so to replace your existing electrical doorbell with the Kinetic doorbell, you can save up to 23 kWh of electricity a year.

Besides the saving of electricity, you have the convenience of a wireless system without batteries, so you also save batteries compared to other wireless doorbell systems.

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